The skin is regenerated from the inside: it reduces furrows and wrinkles, emphasizes face shape, improves skin tension and colouring, and face regain its brightness and young, healthy look.

Photo-rejuvenation – removing pigmentation stains, smoothening wrinkles through intensive collagen reconstruction

It is a procedure eliminating symptoms of skin aging, vascular changes, such as: acne rosacea, all kinds of pigmentations, freckles, senile spots and spots after sunbath or solarium.

Before the treatment you should not:

  • take photo-sensitizing drugs and herbs such as: calendula, hypericum, marigold – 4 weeks

  • use self-tans or solariums – 4 weeks
  • take antibiotics – 1 month

  • the drugs such as aspirin need to set aside a week before the treatment
  • have had any Injectables or be using resurfacing products (Retin A, AHA, Glycolic Peels) – 2 weeks
  • in case of regular taking drugs, other than the above mentioned, one should consult the attending doctor
  • use creams with retinol or fruit acid – 1 month

  • receive chemical peeling

  • use solarium, sunbaths or bronzers – 4 weeks before and after

  • receive micro-dermabrasion

  • drink alcohol in 24 times before the treatment IPL
  • remove all makeup / perfumes before treatment!!

After the treatments you should not:

  •  drink alcohol in 24 times
  •  avoid excessive heat for 12 hours such as exercise, saunas, sauna, hot showers or baths, swimming in chlorine pools – next 4-5 days
  •  avoid itching or tight fitted clothing to avoid any further irritation
  •  get massage on the treated area within 4-5 days
  •  make makeup for 1 day following treatment
  • do not use soap, deodorants and cosmetics with the alcohol – some days
  • Do not make peelings – 7 days
  • waxing or plucking hair ( between the photo-epilation treatment)

If you have not stated any of the above mentioned factors, we invite you to a chosen procedure with IPL+RF device.